“Chat, plans and dreams of mother and daughter ….”

Mother and daughter? Now it sounds better to say: mom and future mother. The image of Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti, soap and water, smiling side by side, reveals tenderness and love. On her profile, the Swiss presenter shared with i followers the shot with the daughter pregnantwriting: «Chat, plans and dreams of Mum and daughter….».

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The two are often together and their relationship has long been known. Since childhood, Aurora has always been next to her mother and the entertainment world has often seen them on the same stage, sharing shows or interviews.

Soon grandma

And now that Aurora is pregnant, Mom Michelle is even more excited. Eros’s daughter will give birth in January, but in the meantime she is moving with her partner Goffredo Cerza in the new house where three will live. Coming for grandparents MIchelle and Eros there will be a grandchild to cuddle. But even for Michelle Hunziker there is an air of change, given the choice of the new new look of the 50s, or almost … The Swiss showgirl, in fact, a few days ago moved from Milan to Rome to create a new hair look , the result did not convince everyone though: cut even shorter and blond, and for the final touch Michelle had her trusted hairstylist create natural waves that are a little reminiscent of the look that went in the 50s. Michelle Hunziker prepares to become a grandmother. Overwhelmed by the gossip of recent months, first for the pregnancy of her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, then with the return of the flame with Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle took a break from work commitments and left for the capital to create a totally new look, relying on the hands of Alessia Solidani, her trusted hairdresser.

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