ChatGPT Team: OpenAI’s new bet for small work teams

The ChatGPT Team service specializes in providing artificial intelligence tools for collaboration and management of small and medium-sized businesses. (Open Artificial Intelligence)

open artificial intelligence has launched a new subscription option for its popular AI chatbot, Chat GPTdesigned for small teams who prefer to manage their own services.

This mode is called Chat the GPT Team and allows groups of up to 149 members Chat GPTalso includes specific tools for team organization and management.

Subscribed team members Chat GPT Have access to the latest version of open artificial intelligence as GPT-4which produces text, and GPT-4 and imaginewhich is able to understand images and text because Dahl-E 3which creates images.

Additionally, they have permission Chat GPT View, modify and extract data from files uploaded to the platform.

Customers who subscribe to the service will receive new features. (Illustrative image Infobae)

Chat the GPT Team Make it easier for Teams users to design and share apps GPT Personalization, developed by OpenAI artificial intelligence models that generate text.

These applications GPT They can be created without knowing how to program, and their complexity depends on each individual’s needs. An example of its use could be to incorporate code that is proprietary to a company so that its developers can check that they adhere to a certain style or create code following recommended best practices.

Apart from, open artificial intelligence Announce customer Chat GPT The team will receive updates and new features in the future, details of which have yet to be determined. The company also ensures that no data or conversations from the team are used to train its models.

Chat the GPT Team It is priced at $30 per user per month, with discounted pricing of $25 per user per month if you choose annual billing.

It allows teams to innovate without technical coding knowledge, making it easy to create custom GPT applications. (Illustrative image Infobae).

The plan is more expensive than OpenAI’s premium personal service, ChatGPT Plus, which costs $20 per month.However, ChatGPT Team is better than Chat GPT Enterprisewhich costs up to $60 per user per month and requires a minimum of 150 users on an annual contract.

open artificial intelligence, The company that created ChatGPT assures that it is currently “impossible” to develop artificial intelligence without using copyrighted material.

The statement comes amid accusations that the company allegedly used protected content without proper authorization.

The position was announced by the company in front of the Digital and Communications Select Committee. British House of Lordsfollowing a lawsuit filed by The New York Times alleging unauthorized use of the company’s artificial intelligence to develop content.

The company told the UK committee about the difficulties of developing AI without copyrighted content. (Illustrative image Infobae)

“It would be impossible to train today’s leading artificial intelligence models without using copyrighted material,” the company’s statement in the legal proceedings.

according to open artificial intelligencecurrently “copyright covers virtually every type of human expression,” such as blog posts, photos, forum posts, snippets of software code, and government documents.

Artificial intelligence continuously acquires information to generate content in real time.

In the face of accusations, OpenAI explained the importance of protected content to the evolution and effectiveness of artificial intelligence. (Illustration: Infobae)

Furthermore, they stated that although historically relevant, it was limited to public domain content, I can Insufficient supply artificial intelligence system Possess the abilities and knowledge needed to meet the needs of today’s society.

Confrontation with copyright leads to open artificial intelligence Involved in legal disputes and accusations.

The New York Times and several prominent writers have denounced the company Microsoft Alleged use of its content to train artificial intelligence systems, e.g. Chat GPT Without prior permission.The lawsuit accuses the companies of make one “illegal use” Original work of the author.

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