cheated 15 people. “70 thousand euros of phantom tax credit”

MESTRE – There are those who found the house with half plaster with the coat and half demolished, interrupted just as the facade began to have a new look. Who the scaffolding assembled and then abandoned for months, who the new boiler, purchased with the mirage of energy saving, installed but not working and who instead gave up the use of the garden to make way for a construction site used only as a deposit of materials and never started. Word of mouth, among neighbors, about that company that, yes, took care of the restorations from A to Z and made you the new house without paying out a euro, worked perfectly. So much so that now they have all turned to lawyers together to terminate the contract signed with the Sgai Consortium of Naples which had promised to obtain the superbonus 110 percent for building renovations.

Fifteen victims

The group, which has about fifteen people, has not materially raised any money. But in everyone’s fiscal drawer they ended up between 50 and 70 thousand euros of tax creditas if they had obtained the benefits, now precluding access to real bonuses.
The victims are about fifteen, all residing in single-family houses scattered between Spinea, Mirano, Campolongo and the Riviera: contacted by the area agents, they had accepted between the end of 2020 and the beginning of last year to access tax benefits thanks to a contract that left the consortium has the right to choose the executing companies.
An attractive move, in which the incentive for the sale of credit was envisaged, which would cover the cost of the energy improvement works. Interventions that ranged from the construction of the external insulating coat, in highly sophisticated materials, to the installation of condensing or heat pump boilers that provide a great reduction in energy consumption, complete with replacement of the windows.

You work in half

But beyond the signing of contracts, the most “fortunate” have seen the activation of some construction sites, others not even that. But no one got the surgery completed. And even where the companies – partly local, partly called from Southern Italy – had started to work, they were often not paid, so they left the restoration halfway. The suspicions multiplied, up to the decision to turn to lawyers to find out about the affair. And so the civil lawyer Andrea Cimino, the criminal lawyer Dirk Campajola, the tax lawyer Giovanni Schembri were commissioned: so much so that from accessing the documents it turned out that for some the communications of the commencement of works to the municipal offices are not even deposited, and that in some cases result in the tax drawers (or the personal area of ​​the Revenue Agency) a sum that represents the promised assignment of credit even for work never carried out. For now, notices of termination of the contract have been sent to Consorzio Sgai and complaints filed. Also as a form of protection against the Revenue Agency, to distance ourselves from those sums that are paid in the form of a bonus and which in the future could preclude access to real bonuses. At least to conclude the unfinished work.

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