Cheating a casino by counting cards? – The movie 21 explained

Does Card Counting Actually Work in Real Life as in 21?

If you love movies, you might have surely seen 21. Mostly all the casino players would have seen this movie. The movie is all about casino card games. If you are the one who loves to play blackjack and you haven’t watched this movie, you should surely see this one. For a moment, you will want to be like the lead actor. It’s all about gambling and online betting.

Here in this movie, the actor used the counting technique. It’s a strategy where you can determine whether the next card will be beneficial for you or not. Mostly all the players will be knowing about this technique. Especially, if you are reading this article, you might be knowing about what is counting and how it’s done, right?

So, let’s get to the main point. Whether you can do this in real life or not? For that, we asked the experts of Exycasinos to prepare this guide. We will see the complete details about the movie and see whether you can apply this in your life or not.

Is it Based on Facts?

Now, let’s see the facts first. We will see the facts first. Here, the MIT blackjack team used the counting trick to win the game. Sounds similar to the movie, right? Well, it’s from a book and the movie was inspired by the book.  Most of the things that are shown in the movie are fictional. So, you shouldn’t believe that movie was true.

However, does this mean that the movie can be implemented in casino card games? Whether or not you can play blackjack with this track or not? Let’s get to the point.

Does this Work?

The concept is simple. Here, you see the cards at first and wait for the high cards to appear. You keep the tally of the cards which come up next. That’s the simple thing you will need to understand.

Now, you should never try this in life. The simple reason for this is because there is no specific strategy that can give you the winning rewards. Instead, you will have to play by your mind and develop your strategy.

Counting is where you will need in-depth knowledge about the things and know how to play blackjack properly. Well, to be honest, you will need to have enough experience with Blackjack too. As you gain experience, you will surely come to know that this is the technique that you shouldn’t apply in your life.

Final Words

No doubt, 21 movie was a huge success and the counting trick worked well some years ago or we should say a decade ago. There are many strategies you can use in Blackjack. you can try out different strategies and see which one works for you. Don’t depend too much on the counting cards method. It won’t get you far. However, if you are interested in doing it, you can surely try out this method for once with a low amount of bet and you will surely know the result.

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