Check out five little-known movies with Vin Diesel

On Monday (18), American actor, screenwriter and film producer Mark Sinclair Vincent, better known as Vin Diesel, turned 55 years old. Famous for his performance in major franchises such as The Fast and the Furious, being recognized and remembered for his characters to this day. Check out some lesser-known films in which Vin Diesel participated:

Saving Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan) – Most watched this movie, but what few remember is that Vin Diesel was part of the cast. He played the young fighter Adrian Caparzo. Although his screen time was not very long, his character scored by dying while saving a little girl. From there, he was featured in bigger projects, mostly in action movies. Available on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Globo Play, YouTube and Apple TV.

Knockaround Guys (Sons of the Mafia) – In this feature, Vin Diesel plays Taylor Reese, one of four sons of Brooklyn mobsters. Together, they go after a suitcase of money and end up getting mixed up with a corrupt sheriff. The cast includes names like John Malkovich and Barry Pepper. The film has a dash of action and dramatic comedy and tells the familiar stories of these four young men. Available on HBO Max.

A Man Apart (The Avenger) – In the action drama film, Diesel plays Sean Vetter, a DEA agent fighting drug trafficking on the border and whose wife is murdered by a big-time drug lord’s gang. And to catch the culprit, he and his partner have to team up with the Cartel boss. The film is directed by F. Gary Gary, who would later work alongside Diesel in The Fast and the Furious. Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Apple TV.

Boiler Room (The First Million) – The film tells the story of a somewhat dubious brokerage, who has her young brokers convince unsuspecting investors over the phone, making them millionaires overnight. Diesel is one of those young people who are allied with this scheme of deceit and greed. He plays Chris Varick, and this is one of his most unusual performances. Available on Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Apple TV.

Find Me Guilty (Under Suspicion) – One of the surprises of this movie is that Vin Diesel gets hairy. Here, he plays Jackie DiNorscio, a gangster who decides to be his own lawyer during his trial. The film is based on the true DiNorscio case that became one of the longest criminal trials in American history. Diesel, on the other hand, had a good performance. Available on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Apple TV.

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