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Although the DCEU and other DC Comics properties at Warner Bros. Discovery have a bright future ahead of them, there are some excellent characters that remain far away for the foreseeable future….

Although the DCEU and other properties of the DC Comics at Warner Bros. Discovery have a bright future ahead, there are some excellent characters that remain far away for the foreseeable future. Near the top of this list is Cyborg, who was only part of the DCEU before the conflict between Ray Fisher and Warner put the hero in the fridge.


Before everything fell apart with Cyborg, the studio had big plans for the hero, both as part of the Justice League as well as your own solo adventure. Ray Fisher had his own movie as cyborg in progress, and there were rumors that he would play a small role in The Flash — now, it’s becoming unlikely that fans will see those plans come to fruition anytime soon.

Even out of sight Ray Fisher As for the character, Cyborg has such a prominent place among DC Comics’ greatest heroes that there are apparently always ideas for bringing him to Hollywood. More recently, fans have become aware of another hero story that never happened.

Concept artist Jared Krichevsky took to Instagram to share an image of award-winning rapper Drake in the role of Cyborg. Krichevsky noted that this was a piece of concept art intended for a series that never came to fruition, mentioning that the Warner Bros. wanted to cast Drake during development:

Drake has four Grammy Awards and nearly 50 Grammy nominations under his belt over the past 15 years. At the top of his music career, he has some notable acting credits under his belt which includes the classic early 2000s TV show degrassialong with a narration role in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Putting Drake in a DC Comics project would certainly give him the biggest role of his acting career, though he has acted in enough high-profile projects to make his consideration for the role viable. It’s still unclear how close he was to actually getting the role or how close the series was to going into production, but even seeing him in concept art shows it was a serious idea for quite some time.

Originally slated for a 2020 release, the hero’s solo film was eventually removed from the studio’s lineup and its current production status is unknown. While some speculate it has been cancelled, the Warner Bros. has not yet provided an official statement on cyborg.

Many believe that cyborg was postponed indefinitely due to Fisher speaking out against the Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon. The actor alleges that Whedon’s treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was “abusive” and “unprofessional”, while claiming that several executives at WarnerMedia allowed their behavior.

If the DCEU film returns to the studio’s plans, Fisher explained what he wants to see in the character’s first solo film: “I think there are some repairs that must take place between Cyborg and her father in this relationship.”said the actor. “I think there’s also a lot of ground to explore about how much technology is too much for humanity, and how fast technology is evolving, and the role that Cyborg could play in potentially mitigating the issues that arise because of it.”.

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