Check out supernatural stories from celebrities to cheer up Friday the 13th

The number 13 is popularly considered an unlucky number and many people are very afraid when a Friday falls on that date, especially after the release of the horror movie series “Friday the 13th”.

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Other people have beliefs to protect themselves on that date, such as not going under stairs, taking care not to break any mirrors, among others.

But, it seems, things from another world do indeed exist and may be closer than we imagine. we from Otox We separate the reports of some famous people who have had some supernatural experience.

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In 1998, Daniel played a show in Lençóis Paulista, in São Paulo. The singer was photographed by a fan who was in the audience and something scared the young woman.

In the image, you can see the shadow of a man who looks a lot like john paul, who was paired with Daniel. The singer died in a car accident in 1997. As the internet was just beginning at that time, the image did not go viral.

Daniel has already had a rather frightening experience.
Daniel has already gone through a somewhat frightening experience – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@cantordaniel

Kate Hudson

While filming the 2005 horror film The Master Key, Kate Hudson went through a few good times. The actress has reported seeing several ghosts on set, including a faceless figure and the spirit of her grandmother.

“I saw the ghost of a faceless woman and that was very scary. In another situation, my grandmother appeared to me and I woke up and felt wonderful that she was close to me,” she said in the DVD extras.

Kate Hudson even saw spirits on set
Kate Hudson even saw spirits on set – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@katehudson

Matthew McConaughey

The actor has already revealed in several interviews that he lived in a haunted house with the spirit of a lady. Matthew McConaughey dubbed the apparition Madame Blue.

“She has no qualms with me. We get along very well. She’s a cool ghost, and maybe the fact that I’m naked all the time is why we get along,” he told Elle.

Matthew McConaughey Lived in a Haunted House
Matthew McConaughey lived in a haunted house – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@officiallymcconaughey

Xuxa Meneghel

In an interview for the program “Altas Horas”, aired by Rede Globo, Xuxa Meneghel told that he believes in supernatural beings and even claimed to have seen a leprechaun.

“I was lying down, I pulled the quilt off the bed and I saw a leprechaun. I was half covered, praying, but I was not prepared to see this being,” she said.


Xororó is also part of the famous who had a frightening experience. In an interview with Revista Tititi, the singer revealed that while driving along a road he could see a spaceship with a very strong light in the sky.

Xororó is part of the famous who have had a frightening experience
Xororó is part of the famous who have already had a frightening experience – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@xororooficial

Elba Ramalho

In an interview with Veja, Elba Ramalho said that extraterrestrials implanted a chip in his skin and the piece was removed by ultra-luminous celestial beings.

Elba Ramalho already had experience with extraterrestrials
Elba Ramalho already had experience with extraterrestrials – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@elbaramalho

Daniela Albuquerque

While he commanded the program “Manhã Maior”, from RedeTV!, Daniela Albuquerque revealed that she was abducted by an alien in Mato Grosso do Sul.

In addition, the presenter said that she felt a finger massaging her back, but she was too scared to look back and see what it was.

Daniela Albuquerque had a terrifying experience with an alien
Daniela Albuquerque had a terrifying experience with an alien – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@danialbuquerquetv

Keanu Reeves

In an interview for Jimmy Kimmel, Keanu Reeves told of a supernatural experience he had in his childhood, when he was six or seven years old.

The actor revealed that he was at home with his sister and nanny when he saw a jacket floating by itself. He came to think the vision wasn’t real until he noticed that the nanny was just as scared as he was.

Keanu Reeves Had a Supernatural Childhood Experience
Keanu Reeves had a supernatural experience as a child – Photo: Grosby Group

Demi Lovato

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Demi Lovato told that in his old home, in Texas, lived the spirit of a girl named Emily.

“Once, when I was three, my mother caught me talking to myself. She asked: Who are you talking to? And I said: With my best friend Emily. She was playful. She was like 11 or 12 years old, maybe younger,” said the singer.

Demi Lovato has also lived with spirits in childhood
Demi Lovato has also lived with spirits in her childhood – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@ddlovato

Lea Michele

In an interview for the Ellen DeGeneres, Lea Michele He said he heard the sound of windows opening and closing in his apartment. The actress even invited a friend to live with her and the boy had the same experience.

The fear was so much that it made Lea move apartment.

Lea Michele felt the presence of spirits in her apartment
Lea Michele felt the presence of spirits in her apartment – ​​Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@leamichele

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