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Ariana Grande turns 29 and collects memorable anthems; check out the artist’s highlights

Ariana Grande turns 29 this Sunday, 26. The singer became known in victorious(2010) by starring as Cat Valentine in the series Nickelodeon. Gradually, the artist was conquering a fan base, who were soon surprised by yet another talent: her voice.

THE Rolling Stone USA selected the singer’s best songs and we separated the top five. The list includes the oldest songs and hits like “No tears no cry.”

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5. Thank you next

4. Bad idea

3. Ghostin

2. No Tears Left To Cry

1. Into You

New record?

Ariana Grande opened the game with fans in May, during a live broadcast on the REM Beauty at the YouTube about their next album. The singer revealed that she is putting music on the back burner to focus all her attention on performing. Glinda Upland in the film adaptation of the musical by Broadway, Wicked.

After teaching you how to make your geometric eyeliner using one of your products, Great raised a fan question asking for a tip about her seventh album – which she admitted doesn’t exist yet.

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“This is a question I’m nervous to answer, but I feel like I want to have some transparency and honesty with my fans,” she said as she looked into the camera. “The truth is, I didn’t start an album. I know fans have a lot of theories and expectations in that department.”

After the release of positions(2020), her sixth studio album, she admitted to not being ready to start making a new record, especially with other projects going on. In 2021, ariana was part of the jury of the The Voicewhich was at the same time of auditions for the role of the protagonist in Wicked.

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