Check out the first photo of Robert Downey Jr. in an Iron Man mask

Do you want to see the birth of the MCU? Here is a photo of RDJ’s first try on to the role of Iron Man. It was captured almost 15 years ago. Feel nostalgia with us.

Iron Man – see the vintage photo from the first wardrobe attempt

On Twitter, the photo showing the first fittings gained popularity again Robert Downey Junior for the role of Iron Man. It is specifically about the first attempt at wardrobe when RDJ was worn on his head the iconic helmet of the Marvel Superhero. We learned that in 2007 his head was literally “screwed” into the helmet. Oh how times have changed.

It follows that when Downey didn’t just start his own an adventure with a character, but he also started the highest-grossing film series in the history of cinematography, playing Iron Man was a threat to his health.

See the archival photos from 2007:

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Robert Downey Jr. recently appeared on the David Letterman show “My next guest needs no introduction”, where he explained that originally the helmet literally blinded him:

In the beginning, everything was normal on the set. They didn’t want to spend money on special effects. So I remember putting this helmet on me … I put it on my head, they locked it on me and I couldn’t see anything. And then they turned on the LED lights and then I couldn’t see anything anymore. Absolutely nothing.

Over time, technology has developed so much that Downey didn’t even want to hear about wearing any helmets:

When we were doing the last “Avengers”, they were asking me: “Hey Robert, would you like to put on a moment …?”. Helm? Not! There is no such chance. Make two dots under my eyes and then add the rest to your computer.

Over 10 years of work on one film series can lead to a nervous breakdown of probably everyone, so we are not surprised by RDJ. His last production in the MCU was Avengers: Endgame from 2019. The actor is due to appear in “Sherlock Holmes 3”, but unfortunately the movie it is still postponed in time.

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