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Harry would have been forced to undergo a DNA test because Carlo was not convinced that he was his biological father. The Prince and Meghan Markle now tremble at what they risk, as Queen Elizabeth is no longer there to protect them.

Harry is not Carlo’s son: what the DNA test says

The question of the DNA test and doubts about Carlo’s actual paternity resurfaced after the revelations of Lady Diana’s biographer Anna Pasternak, who in her new book Princess in Love published a letter from the Princess which throws new perplexities on the matter. In fact, rumors have been circulating for years that Harry may be the son of James Hewitta former British cavalry officer and former mistress of Diana.

In the mid-1990s, when it became known about the extra-marital relationship, rumors began to circulate that Harry could be the son of his mother’s lover and not of Carlo. To fuel such gossip the resemblance between the Prince and Hewittmainly due to the red color of the hair.

Diana’s letter to her lover

Of course, the former officer denied that he was Harry’s father, but as the doubts continued to exist, the Prince underwent a DNA test which confirmed the lineage from Charles. But the matter never ended definitively. Also because there would be a letter from Diana, addressed to her lover, in which she makes him understand that her second son is her son. This missive is now published in Pasternak’s book. In it the Princess declares all her love for Hewitt, “I thank God for letting you into my life” and reveals to him that he is Harry’s biological father.

So, two conflicting tests, the DNA test and Diana’s letter, which deepen the mystery, making Carlo especially worried now that he is King and that he has to manage a difficult situation with Harry. Among other things, to create further confusion Nicholas Davies, an expert in real matters, who claims that the Princess she wasn’t sure who the father was of his son. And he claims that Hewitt was his lover as early as 1983 and not since 1985 as is commonly claimed, because the former officer was seen several times going to Charles and Diana’s apartment in Kensington Palace in the early 1980s.

Carlo gets rid of Harry and Meghan Markle

Meanwhile, Carlo is proceeding with the streamlining of the Monarchy which involves the ouster of Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal Family. The first move was to put them at the bottom of the official website page, among the inactive members and next to Prince Andrew, involved in sex scandals.

According to a source close to them, the Sussexes fear what will happen to them now that Charles is King. They are worried of the fact that they can be “completely eliminated from the real picture”. And it is likely that the Sovereign will begin with them in the thinning operation of the Royal Family, above all because of their behavior and the poisonous accusations they have made against him. It seems that Carlo has never been able to forgive Harry for his behavior and this is probably why Meghan’s request for an interview with him was not accepted.

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