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As we have seen in the past few hours, Microsoft is currently testing a new one Family Plan for Xbox Game Passwhich allows up to 5 users to share the same Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, and this is now also the price in euros.

Considering that the new extended subscription is being tested in Colombia and Ireland, the screenshot shown in the tweet below probably refers to a user who is taking the test in Ireland, given the price in euros and the writing in English. Well, the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Family Plan activated seems to be 21.99 euros per monththerefore less than we thought, considering that the price that emerged earlier was $ 24.99 and we thought of a possible 1: 1 conversion between currencies.

The new Family Plan, as previously reported, should allow you to share the same subscription with a maximum of 5 users, that is the main user plus 4 “family members”, who obviously can also be friends or various acquaintances. It is not clear if there is any limit in terms of activation, but the idea is that this sharing works like the one seen for Netflix and Disney Plus, that is, it can translate into a subscription sharing even between individuals who know each other but do not. they are actually part of the same family unit.

In this case, if 5 users were to decide to divide the expense, the monthly cost for each would become really negligible, but we reiterate that we do not know, at the moment, if there are any particular regulations to follow or limits imposed on the use of the system. We also remember that everything is still in the phase of test, limited to Insider users of two countries around the world, so it is not even sure, for now, that it will actually be officially adopted.

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