Chelsea 2-1 AFC Wimbledon EFL Cup 2023 goals and highlights | 30/08/2023

1 hour ago 14:09

The game is over and Chelsea have qualified for the next round of the EFL Cup.

1 hour ago at 14:04

A cannon was fired from Kukurella, but the ball strayed.

1 hour ago 13:59

Wimbledon saved! Fernandez unleashes a fatal whiplash, but it misses the mark.

1 hour ago13:54

Chelsea change.Enter Caicedo for Gallagher

13:49 2 hours ago

After Gallagher’s shot, Bass denies it.

13:44 2 hours ago

Goals, goals, goals for Chelsea! Fernandez’s cannon shot was decided under the goal.

13:39 2 hours ago

Goalie! Bass prevents flogging from entering the bow.

13:34 2 hours ago

Chelsea change.Fernandes and Gusto replace Cowill and Barstow

13:29 2 hours ago

Pell’s cannon falls into Sanchez’s hands

13:24 2 hours ago

Great save for Bass after Gallagher’s shot.

13:19 2 hours ago

Activities resume at Stamford Bridge Stadium.

13:14 2 hours ago

Part 1 is over and the score is in favor of the visit.

13:09 2 hours ago

Goals, goals, goals for Chelsea! Maduke ties the cards.

13:04 2 hours ago

Maduke takes a shot at goal, but the ball goes wide.

12:592 hours ago

Barstow shot, but the ball was deflected by Lewis.

12:54 2 hours ago

Gallagher unleashes a deadly whip, which is reflected by the defense.

12:493 hours ago

Goal, goal, Wimbledon goal! Tilly’s cannons have fired and Chelsea has already fallen.

12:443 hours ago

Penalty for Wimbledon! Sanchez finally made a mistake and they suggested sanctions.

12:393 hours ago

The ball is controlled by the “Blues” and both teams try to get possession of it.

12:343 hours ago

Action begins in the UK.

12:24 3 hours ago

Sanchez: Chilwell, Colwill, Silva, Gusto. Caicedo, Enzo, Mudrik, Maduke, Sterling. Jackson.

12:193 hours ago

Both teams are already warming up on the field before the start of the game.

12:143 hours ago

Chelsea have already arrived at the stadium and the locals will do everything in their power to win the next stage.

12:09 3 hours ago

Wimbledon has already arrived at the stadium and the team will do everything in their power to keep pushing forward and claim victory.

12:04 3 hours ago

Neuefville is a player who aims to pose a danger to home goals and will give his best in this game.

11:593 hours ago

With less than an hour remaining until the start of the match, both teams are expected to have a good time.

11:543 hours ago

Wimbledon has put a lot of attention on Maduke and visiting teams will try to keep him from getting closer to the goal.

11:494 hours ago

Wimbledon beat Coventry City 2 goals to 1. In this match, I will do everything in my power to bring more victories.

11:444 hours ago

It will be their first EFL Cup meeting of the season and the home side will be looking to win this important game.

11:394 hours ago

Watch the Chelsea vs Wimbledon match minute by minute. We will be sharing the most relevant information and a confirmed line-up soon.

11:344 hours ago

We will be sharing the Chelsea vs AFC Wimbledon starting line-up live soon, as well as the latest updates coming out of Stamford Bridge Stadium. Live online from VAVEL without losing game details minute by minute.

11:094 hours ago

A. Bass; Lee Brown, J. Tees, R. Johnson, J. Tilly, A. Al-Hammadi, J. Nufvir, A. Little, O. Bugiel, J. Rusi, I. Ogundere.

11:044 hours ago

Sanchez: Chilwell, Colwill, Silva, Gusto. Caicedo, Enzo, Mudrik, Musiara, Sterling. Jackson.

10:594 hours ago

in a close-quarters duel, AFC Wimbledon They scored a goal against Forest Green Rovers to add an important point and they want to win and eliminate this important side.

10:49 5 hours ago

The Chelsea vs AFC Wimbledon match will be held at Stamford Bridge Stadium in England. This building can accommodate 18,000 people.

10:44 5 hours ago

Welcome to the live broadcast of Chelsea vs. AFC Wimbledon, the equivalent of the second round of the EFL Cup. The match will be held at Stamford Bridge Stadium at 12:45.

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