Chelsea and Juventus are preparing a spectacular exchange

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The summer transfer window continues into late July and since it opened last June two positions are still and always at the center of the craziest rumours. The center forward is not excluded if Hugo Lloris, David de Gea, but also goalkeepers like Yann Sommer and Unai Simon continue to keep the transfer market active. Indeed, The Harry Kane File is one of the biggest soap operas of this summer, while Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic’s futures are still very much uncertain at their respective clubs.

For the first city, the contenders were numerous, but the Belgian player upset everyone because of his desire to start secret negotiations behind the backs of their leaders, but also because of some reversal of the situation. If Inter doesn’t want to listen to him anymore, there are still several offers on the negotiating table, including Al-Hilal’s offer. But the most interesting leads to Juventus. Especially when another center forward on the market, a certain Dusan Vlahovic, could be desired elsewhere while the Turin club will not be participating in any European competition next season.

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Dusan Vlahovic has also been courted by Real Madrid, in the sights of Paris Saint-Germain who want to take their time studying all other routes. A work is almost completed. The Serbian striker should not make old bones in Piedmont. That is why an exchange with Romelu Lukaku would have been considered by both the respective clubs. According to the latest indiscretions of our colleagues Sky ItaliaThere is indeed a great innovation in the talks to bring Romelu Lukaku to Turin. The Blues are now said to be ready to include Dusan Vlahovic in the deal to facilitate the departure of the Belgian centre-forward.

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The Turin leaders, on their part, will demand more than the 35 million that the London club is ready to give them in this exchange, taking into account the ages as well as the salaries of the two players. The raiders’ move could therefore take a new turn, even though, at the moment, there is still no official agreement on the figures and economic adjustments that would result from such an agreement, as confirmed by the Italian media. Negotiations will therefore continue between the two clubs before these two spectacular transfers are finalised. Nevertheless, the matter looks complicated and talks between Chelsea and Juventus may continue. to be continued…


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