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About to turn 50 years old on Friday (27) and with almost three decades of career, Ivete Sangalo is one of the best-known Brazilian singers in the world and came to fill the Madson Square Garden, in New York, in 2010.

With feats like that on his resume, it’s hard to be an international star and not know Veveta’s figure. On account of this, the iBahia prepared a list with the international “stories” that the singer has already spoken on social networks or interviews.

There is a hidden partnership, makeup as a gift, axé music and even a tip for Beyoncé about Carnival in Bahia. Understand and check:


During interviews for the documentary “Especial Real Fantasia”, by Multishow, Ivete Sangalo told a story that has gone viral on social media in recent years.

According to the Bahian, Beyoncé was impressed with the amount of show she did during the Bahia revelry. “I gave her (Beyoncé) a picture book of the Bahia Carnival. There were me and other artists. She wanted to see the book and asked where it was. I said it was at Carnival. And she: ‘but here are all the years?’. I replied that it was only the one from last year”, began the singer.

“She (Beyoncé) would say, ‘but what day is this?’ And I explained: ‘it starts Thursday, ends on Tuesday’. She asked: ‘if it starts Thursday, who sings on Thursday?’. I said: ‘I sing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday…’. She thought it was a lie, got it? She looked at me, and I told her that she was not lying, that it was true”, Ivete continued.

Finally, the singer even left a message of encouragement for Beyoncé: “I told her, ‘you would be able to do that too, to stay 6 or 7 hours on stage'”.

It is worth remembering that the singers met several times between 2010 and 2013. Ivete even opened shows of the voice of “Halo” and also found her backstage at “Rock in Rio”.


Without releasing an album since 2016, Rihanna has moved her career with side businesses such as her makeup line, Fenty Beauty. And who received an exclusive kit? That’s right, our birthday girl.

Through social networks, the singer told with good humor about the funny episode when she received the gift from the pop star. “There’s a gloss here by rihanna who is mara”, says the makeup artist. “She was the one who sent me, Ri Thank You!” says Veveta.

“The doorman at the house was like, ‘Dona Ivete has a woman here at the door that I can’t understand her name’, I say ‘who is it?’ and he ‘Rinhanha’ and I ‘who is Rinhanha, boy? I don’t know anyone with that name, say you can’t go up,’” said the Bahian woman, telling the story.

“I said ‘hey man, ask this properly’, then he said ‘she said she’s Rihanna, she came to leave a package for you’. It was her lip gloss […] Look, what Riri left there at the entrance”, he ended with a laugh.


Perhaps the funniest story of Ivete’s international meeting was with the singer Cher, owner of the worldwide hit “Believe”. The story was told on the program “Que História é Éssa, Porchat?”.

It all happened during a fashion show in Paris, the Bahian was startled to see that her reserved place was next to the pop singer. “Suddenly there was a flash of light and who gets out of the circle? Cher! When I saw Cher, I thought, ‘My international career is consolidated,’” she joked.

“When I arrived in Bahia, I was the representative of an international career because of Cher”, began Ivete when telling a joke she made to the artist.

“I said, ‘You don’t know! In Bahia, I make a song in his honor. It’s called: ‘Axér’ music”, released the Brazilian, generating laughter in the audience.


With Shakira, Ivete Sangalo was more ‘outside the house’ than ever. The two met a few times during the blonde’s commitments in Brazil and even recorded a partnership that was barred for 8 years.

All because of Veveta and Shakira’s record companies, who didn’t know about the duet of the two who recorded the track “Dançando” in absolute secrecy and released it in the same way. The result? It was removed from digital platforms in 2012 and only returned in 2020, when it had the endorsement of both companies.

The song is currently available on a deluxe version of “Real Fantasia”, the axé singer’s 2012 album. For those who don’t remember, Ivete also shared the stage at Rock In Rio with Shakira, in 2011, when they sang “País Tropical” together.

“I have a passion for some Brazilian artists like Caetano Veloso, Carlinhos Brown and Ivete Sangalo. I recently discovered Anitta, who is an incredible artist….”, reported the Colombian in an interview with “Domingo Espetacular” in 2020.

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