Cherubini’s words on Juve capital gains

The Juventus director in an interception with the financial director Bertola. Chiellini and the message in the team chat

“Fortunately, in the light of recent visits we have stopped”. These are the words (reported by Corriere della Sera, Repubblica and Libero) emerged from a telephone interception of 22 July 2021, pronounced by the ds of the Juve Federico Cherubini with the financial director Stefano Bertola and referred to the searches by the Guardia di Finanza with the accusation of capital gains and false accounting for the Juventus club. An important sentence according to the Prosecutor of Turin because it would be a sort of admission of having made “artificial” capital gains on player exchanges, organized by the former Fabio Paratici. For the investigating judge – as he relates Republic – it is a sign that the managers have stopped that method and there is no intention of repeating it in the future. In the same conversation Cherubs he continues: “Our job is to find talents in the youth sectors, enhance them and then sell them, and make healthy capital gains there”. A change of strategy, therefore.

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Republic also publishes the text of a message written by the former Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini in the team chat on WhatsApp: “Guys, don’t worry. I’ll go to the president and sign a writing as a guarantee”. Chiellini would then specify that a press release “different” from what was agreed for “stock market issues” would later be issued. At the same time inviting comrades not to “talk about it” with journalists. At the time of the events that date back to the first phase of the pandemic, the players had agreed with the club to reduce their salaries by taking off four months’ salary for a saving of around 90 million euros. On the basis of the agreements reached, however, Juventus undertook to pay three in the following years.

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