Chevrolet Tahoe for sale. The owner is a well-known journalist

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Famous and liked, they usually have the funds to be able to fulfill their dreams, e.g. automotive. There comes a time, however, when you have to say goodbye to one of the items in your collection. This is what Marcin Prokop decided to do.

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On one of the portals with advertisements there was an item about the sale of the 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe. It is an SUV with an engine capacity of 5.7 L and a power of 255 HP. It was exhibited by a friend of a well-known journalist who deals with his cars.

There is no information in the announcement that the car belongs to Marcin Prokop, but it is enough to visit his Instagram to verify the owner.

Chevrolet has been pulled from Sweden and has been in the hands of a journalist for 1.5 years. The car has undergone many renovations and is approved for traffic in Europe. According to the list in the announcement, all repairs and additional investments resulted in 60 thousand. zloty.

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The car has traveled 279 thousand. km. It is currently issued for PLN 44,500.

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