Chicago Fire, Charlie Barnett on his dismissal from the series: “It was a blessing”

After 7 years, Charlie Barnett has retraced the difficult moments in which he had to say goodbye to the NBC emergency drama but admitted that, in this way, he was able to work in other important TV series.

Charlie Barnett is back to talk about a sore point in his career: the dismissal from Chicago Fire at the end of the third season, in 2015. The actor, who played firefighter Peter Mills on the NBC series, was taken out of the series for creative reasons. A decision, he admits today, that made him “really sad” at the time and that haunted him for a long time. However, he also added, in hindsight it turned out “a blessing in disguise” since, after Chicago Fire, has landed important roles in other successful TV series.

Chicago Fire: Charlie Barnett on his farewell to the series

“The show was a milestone that I didn’t think I could achieve. I was grateful to be a part of it, “Barnett said in an interview with Digital Spy. “I was really sorry I had to leave, it haunted me for quite some time,” she added. Yet, not all evils come to harm since, in the end, this dismissal gave him the opportunity to experience more from a work point of view. “Yes. It was a blessing in disguise, everyone told me. In life you usually don’t realize it. You never see bad times become good. It wouldn’t be what it was, if you recognized it for what it is. it’s in this moment. So I feel grateful. ” Barnett, in fact, after Chicago Fire played one of the leading roles in the Netflix series Russian Doll, just back with the second season. She also starred in YOU and in the miniseries Tales of the City and held a regular role in the final season of Arrow.

Because he was fired

But because the executive producers had decided to take out the Peter Mills character from Chicago Fire? At the time the executive producer of the series Matt Olmstead had said that such a decision had certainly not been taken lightly. “The hardest part of this job is when you feel the time is right to make changes to the cast. The decision was based solely on bringing in new people for new stories,” Olmstead told TV Guide in 2015. “You have affection and admiration for the cast, so you tend to keep everyone but that comes at the expense of being objective and making some tough choices in terms of narrative. So, we wanted to turn things around and introduce a new character and we started discussing the idea … and here we are. It was an extremely difficult decision to make, but we feel good, “he added.

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