Chicharito “hinted” to Chivas on Instagram that this signing will fail?

January 10, 2024 – 21:13

┃ Arturo Mendez

Chivas Regal and Chicharito still have not reached an agreement.Photo: Courtesy

Pepper continues Generate expectations for your futurethis time, the former LA Galaxy football player shared a new post on Instagram revealing the current situation of the team Negotiations were held for his return to Chivas.

there’s a few Pictures of you at work He shared the ball via his Instagram account. All of this is accompanied by the legend: “We wait…but we never stop working.”

Immediately, various followers of the Holy Group began to comment on his publications:Be positive about his return to training. This was something he spent several months recovering from after undergoing surgery in June 2023.

This news is related to the whole environment of the Guadalajara club. First, rumors began to circulate about his arrival in Chiverio. Chicharito himself later confirmed Negotiations were held with the club. A day later, its representatives arrived in the capital, Guadalajara. Now, for all Chiva Hermanos, the only thing to do is to “wait”, just like Javier.

Chicharito can handle the ball already

Remarkably, this is a photo of Hernandez working in football for the first time in a few months. Injuries he suffered with the Galaxy He was denied the chance to touch the ball for several months in the middle of last year, and today he’s back.

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Chicharito Jr. is expected to arrive in Guadalajara in the next few days to undergo corresponding physical and medical examinations with the team. The last thing left before it’s official is to sign the contract. The deadline of 2024 has not yet started, Javier is close to his best physical condition and his signing has excited all Red and White fans.

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