Chiellini: ‘Juve? Not easy to understand, but after the World Cup … ‘. Marchisio: ‘I can’t believe you struggle with certain teams, Miretti like Nedved’ | First page

George ChielliniLos Angeles FC footballer, spoke at Sports Festival in Trento:

“Juventus and Italy were the best stages of my career. Unfortunately, speaking of Italy, I still struggle to accept that for the second time in a row we are out of the World Cup. The regret is very strong, I am so sorry for the children. who cannot see the Azzurri in such a prestigious competition. They are events that bind generations and mark the sports stories of the boys “.

JUVE – “And it’s not easy to understand Juventus today either. I follow her as a fan, and I’m sorry. It takes patience, particular situations have been linked together. I hope that after the break the team can do well again. The championship will be strange, there is the World Cup in the middle. I am convinced that Juve will be more of a team after the World Cup. Also because there is currently no team that can kill the championship. I don’t know if Juve can win the Scudetto. After all, 7 days have passed and it seems that 70 have passed. Maybe later the opponents will do less well and Juve will come out at a distance. Playing the Champions League every week is exhausting, it certainly has an impact. Then keep an eye on the World variable, you need to understand how the players involved with the various national teams arrive physically in January “.

MLS – “In Los Angeles life goes well. I live everything with enthusiasm, a beautiful life path. To play here we have to make very long trips, this was a big change. The pressures are less, I am enjoying the family a lot and I am happy . Buffon talked about the feeling of freedom while continuing to play. It also happened to me in the final part of my career both with Juventus and with the national team. I enjoyed every moment, training and retirement. Because I knew it would not last all. forever. Here with Los Angeles even more. I enjoy it, there are young people and older teammates. I am discovering so many beautiful and new things. I needed it, for me and for my family. “

PAST – The biggest regret with Juventus is not having played the Champions League final in Berlin due to injury. It remains a great regret also because for what I had done in the season I deserved to play it. The greatest joy was the first championship, because it arrived unexpectedly. I will always remember the victory in Trieste “.

ALSO SPEAKS MARCHISIO – The former teammate was also present at the event Claudio Marchisiowho on the moment of Juve expressed himself in these terms: “As a Juve fan I can’t understand how you struggle against low-ranking teams. I hope that all together we can get out of this period, the expectations for a club like this are high. Miretti? He is good news, he is young and he is ready and of quality. He is carefree, sometimes even this is needed in particular moments. It reminds me a lot of Nedvedeven if she has a long way to go to get close to him “.

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