Child of Light 2 may be presented in early 2022. The producer mentioned a sequel

At the beginning of next year, Ubisoft may present another production. Patrick Plourde mentioned the development of the sequel. The original from 2014 was warmly received by many players.

Child of Light is one of the smaller productions developed by Ubisoft, but we have not received an announcement of a continuation since 2014. Much could change soon, however, as Patrick Plourde has spoken very meaningful words.

The developer was one of the producers of the first Child of Light and apparently Ubisoft decided to develop a sequel as Patrick Plourde confirmed that Thomas Rollus (art director at Ubisoft) has sent a message regarding the final approval of the sequel.

“Fans of #ChildofLight, I want to let you know that @Take_Toch just sent in a final approval request for the next great adventure of Aurora and Igniculus. Expect more news early next year 🙂 ”.

The production announcement may take place at the next Ubisoft Connect. The French are developing a lot of interesting games to hit the market next year, so the company could use another of its own event to tell about the game. We can’t count on a quick release of Child of Light 2, but I’m sure many players will enjoy the announcement.


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