Childbirth of Meghan Markle. The Duchess will use the practices of Scientologists

Meghan Markle again hit the front pages of foreign newspapers. This time, according to the information provided by the “New Idea” magazine, Meghan Markle wants to give birth at home. And her second birth is different from the first.

– Meghan and Harry feel that they have gone through enough in their lives and want to start over with their daughter, and this means ensuring her as peaceful birth as possible – says an anonymous informant quoted by “New Idea”.

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The Scientologists’ method?

Home births are becoming more and more popular with women who want to focus on a relaxed, family atmosphere and want to avoid being in a hospital room.

According to reports “New Idea” Meghan Markle is determined to the so-called. “silent birth”. What does it mean? This is the method used by Scientologists. According to their beliefs, every word spoken in childbirth can be bad for the baby.

The media indicate that in this way she gave birth to, among others Katie Holmes, ex-wife of actor Tom Cruise, who is one of the most recognizable faces in the Church of Scientology.

Source: Onet Woman

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