Children can catch RSV and the coronavirus at the same time. “We’ve had a few such cases before”

As we wrote on the portal, a dangerous virus attacks children. RSV primarily attacks the youngest – in the first months of life. It starts with an inconspicuous runny nose, cough and stuffy nose. Breathing problems later develop.

As he says today in an interview with “Głos Wielkopolski” prof. Magdalena Figlerowicz, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Pediatric Neurology at the Clinical Hospital K. Jonscher, there are still more and more patients infected with coronavirus in hospitals among children and adolescents. There are also cases of the so-called co-infections, i.e. double infections – both with the coronavirus and the RSV virus.

Last week, there were over 60 children infected with RSV in the hospital. There are also cases of co-infections, i.e. simultaneous infection with the coronavirus and the RSV virus. We’ve had several such cases before – explains prof. Figlerowicz. We treat these children in the same way as for respiratory infections. At the moment, I can say that I do not see that the course of this infection is significantly more severe. But these cases are still too few to draw any unequivocal conclusions – he finishes.

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