Children’s series actress remembers traumatic episode with Ariana Grande

Former American actress Jennette McCurdy, 30, known for the children’s series “iCarly”, next week releases her autobiography “I’m glad my mom died” (“I’m glad my mom died”). The launch is scheduled for the 9th and the book is already on pre-order. Naturally, the title caused controversy and so did the cover. Announced in April, the image shows Jennette holding a pink funeral urn. See below.

The former actress, who has almost 8 million followers on Instagram, has already spoken on other occasions about the abusive relationship that her mother had with her. Debra McCurdy wanted to be an actress and tried to project her own dream on her daughter until she died in 2013. Jennette started acting at age 6 and tried to give up the profession at a young age, but her mother wouldn’t let her. In the book, she now promises to tell more details about their relationship. Jennette announced her retirement from acting in 2021.

Another point that promises to draw attention in his autobiography is his relationship with singer and actress Ariana Grande. The two were protagonists of the series “Sam & Cat”, but Jennette says that she received a different treatment from her colleague by the Nickelodeon channel. According to an excerpt from the book, anticipated by the newspaper “The New York Times”, she says that she “broke” when she saw Ariana arrive at the studio excited, saying that she had spent the night with Tom Hanks, playing charades.

Jennette also accused the channel of having offered 300 thousand dollars for her not to talk about the experiences behind the scenes of the work.

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