Chile. Massive fire in the city of Iquique. About 100 houses burned down [WIDEO]

The fire broke out in the Laguna Verde estate on January 10. Due to the very rapid spread of flames, the fire spread to dozens of houses made of wood. The great fire area is 1,800 kilometers north of Santiago, Chile’s capital.

The buildings of the Chilean housing estate resemble Brazilian favelas. The houses are surrounded by narrow streets that created additional difficulties for fire trucks. For this reason, emergency services had to carry fire hoses on foot to try to contain the flames.

All fire brigades in the area were directed to replace the cataclysm. Recordings from the district affected by the element were made available to the Internet.

Álvaro Hormazábal, director of the National Crisis Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (ONEMI), when referring to the fire, explained to the media that the problem with the quick extinguishing of the fire resulted, inter alia, from from the fact that there was a problem with water supply on the estate.

– There is no water and the nearest tap is about 200 meters from the fire – explained the official.

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