China beats Musk and shows its version of the Hyperloop

North University of China released a press release, picked up by China Dailyreporting the test results he sees a maglev train running up to 130km / h along the 2km test line in Yanggao county of Datong, in Shanxi province, in northern China, “beating” Elon Musk and his Hyperloop on time.

Hyperloop Musk

The provincial laboratory, inaugurated in May 2021, was built jointly by the North University of China and the Third Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corpto provide a key test platform for low-vacuum gas pipeline magnetic levitation technology and will have a full-scale 60-kilometer test track in Yanggao County.

Chinese Hyperloop

The recently tested transport system uses the most modern technology of superconducting magnetic levitation to disengage from the ground and eliminate frictional resistancewhile employing vacuum-like internal piping to greatly reduce air resistance; this is only the first of the three implementation phases planned to reach the maximum speed of 1,000 km / h.


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