China. Camps for the infected. It is forbidden to leave the house and drive the car

In Anyang, Henan Province, more than 20 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in recent days, two of which have confirmed the Omikron variant. Infections are associated with an outbreak of this variant previously detected in the port city of Tianjin near Beijing.

The people of Anyang people were banned from leaving their homes, driving was prohibited in principle, and restaurants and shops were closedexcept for those supplying people with the most needed goods. It has not been stated until when the lockdown will be in effect, but it has been stated that it is intended to facilitate mass screening tests.

From close In three weeks, the 13-million-strong city of Xian in northwest China is in lockdownwho has been dealing with the delta variant infection since December. A total of over 2,000 people were detected there. COVID-19 and it is the largest outbreak of the disease in China since the Wuhan crisis at the turn of 2019 and 2020.

According to information published on social media, residents of one of the housing estates in the southern part Xian were notified after midnight of December 31 to January 1 that must leave their homes and go to quarantine centers, called “camps for the infected”.

Variant The Delta is also causing a lockdown in Yuzhou City, Henan, with a population of over a million. No Omicron infections have been confirmed so far in Xiana and Yuzhou.

COVID-19 also attacked in the city of Shenzhen in the south of China, famous for its technology industry. From Friday to Sunday it was detected there four symptomatic infections. Local authorities said on Monday that the Delta variant could have been infected imported food products, because the first patient diagnosed was working on imported goods.

In Shenzhen, more than 22 million samples were collected and tested from residents over the course of three days as part of mass screening tests, and all results were negative, with the exception of previously detected cases. Local media reported that drones were used to transport the samples. There was also a drone show with lights that formed slogans in the sky encouraging testing, including: “Have you already done a PCR test today?”.

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