China can get mad. Biden invited Taiwan to a democratic summit | World news

The virtual “Summit for Democracy” to be hosted by US President Joe Biden is scheduled for December 9-10.

“The summit will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing democracies and will provide leaders with a platform to announce both individual and collective commitments, reforms and initiatives to defend democracy and human rights at home and abroad,” the announcement said.

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The US Department of State published a list of participants for the event. It does not include, inter alia, Russia, China or Hungary. There were 110 countries on the list (including Poland). The world media draws attention to the fact that representatives of Taiwan are also among the invited guests, which may cause discontent on the part of China.

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China versus Taiwan

US presidents Joe Biden and Chinese Xi Jinping met during a virtual summit in mid-November. The American leader then emphasized, among other things, that the United States was opposed to unilateral actions disturbing peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan, also using the name “Republic of China”, is now officially recognized by over a dozen countries, including, for example, the Vatican, Lithuania and Paraguay.

China recognizes Taiwan as part of its territory, and recently Chinese military forces have been maneuvering more and more frequently near the island.

Chinese J-16 fighter, a development of the Russian Su-27 produced under license.  Such machines are most often to be near TaiwanChinese machines are flying in waves near Taiwan

The Taiwanese authorities have repeatedly spoken about the growing military threat from the People’s Republic of China, but the threat of an armed conflict in the Taiwan Strait of Taipei is now considered unlikely.

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