China. Disturbing birth data. Parents “hid” 12 million children

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The birth rate figures China showed are surprising in two ways. First, the current ratio is the worst in 43 years. Worrying data also apply to earlier birth rates.

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China. Fewest children have been born in decades

The number of births per 1,000 inhabitants last year was 8.52, which is the worst result in a year. A year earlier, the indicator was significantly higher, as it amounted to 10.41.

According to the AFP agency, other indicators are also worrying – the lowest number of weddings in 17 years, amounting to 8.4 million couples. A factor here, however, could have been the COVID-19 pandemic, although the agency emphasizes that the restrictions were in force in the country only for a small part of the year.

Disturbing demographic data. Did the parents “hide” their children?

Serious inaccuracies in previous statistics also came to light. Between 2000 and 2010, 11.6 million more children could have been born in China than it was stated in the original declarations.

As explained by the Bloomberg agency, the latest statistical yearbook indicates that there are 172.5 million children born during this period. But in the 2010 census, there were 160.9 million children. The difference is probably due to the fear of penalties for breaking the “one-child rule”. You can have a larger group of offspring in the Middle Kingdom only from 2016. This means that some births from years ago were not officially reported, so as not to exceed the limit. However, the statistical lie has come to light, because after a few years the children were registered in schools – estimates the demographer He Yafu quoted by the agency.

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China may shrink

Regardless of the discrepancy in the data from years ago, forecasts are that the Chinese population is shrinking. The situation will not be saved by the fact that after 2016 there could have been enough to lower the birth rate.

According to the latest census, China currently has 1.41 billion people. The population growth in the last decade is the lowest in 70 years, it amounted to 5.4%.

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