China gro¿ ± retaliation for the US boycott of the Games. “Parody of the Olympic Spirit”

Joe Biden Administration revoked it on Monday that sends no official delegation at the Winter Games in Beijing. – None the representative of the US administration we¼mie not participate in the Winter Olympics in Beijing and the Paralympic Games in 2022. Taking into account c ± ± ce ongoing genocide and crimes against the Sinciangu of mankind and other violations of human rights – a piece of white revoked it a spokeswoman for the House Jen Psaki. American athletes still continue ± could participate in the Olympics.

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“They called me a traitor to my homeland, I was facing the worst punishment. Now I want to compete for Poland”

The Chinese respond ±

The diplomatic boycott of speculation for several days. – American politicians ± announces the boycott even without an invitation for the Games. These pobo¿ne be desired and clean wznios³o¶æ on May ± ± to political manipulation – he said a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian at a press conference. Zhao nazwa³ boycott “± parody of the Olympic spirit” and “serious image ± ± for 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

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The spokesman also said that “the US should stop politicizing sports and encourage boycotts so as not to affect dialogue and Chinese-American cooperation in important areas.” – Official or diplomatic representation during the games would mean that we treat them as “everyday business”, which in the face of gross violations of human rights and the crimes of the People’s Republic of China in Xinjiang we simply cannot do. President Biden told President Xi that defending human rights is in the DNA of the Americans, Psaki explained.

Relations between the two superpowers have recently started to improve after a virtual meeting in November between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. – Although that meeting did not bring any significant breakthrough, it allowed for a return to more constructive, stable relations after an almost complete breakdown in the last year of Donald Trump’s presidency and at the beginning of Joe Biden’s rule, informs CNN.

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The US station adds: “Beijing has given no indication of what retaliation measures it is considering, but the possibility of using them may spoil relations between states again.”

“China and so you do not ± invitations”

The decision of American authorities zirytowa³a of Chinese officials and commentators. – Politicians calling for a boycott of ± months ± Olympics is doing this for their own interests. In no dba³by of reality is, if these people arrive ± or not, and this has no influence on the conduct pomy¶lne events – had written on Twitter Pengyu Liu, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the US. Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the tabloid “Global Times” stated: “What’s the fuss? If US officials did not arrive ±, it will not be a problem. China and so you do not ± invitations. Only people recognize fully self-aggrandizing their own ± ± nieobecno¶æ potê¿ny for a boycott. Jeste¶cie lud¼mi whose inhabitants Beijing ± least want to see “the.

Chinese mission spokesman for the United Nations Zhu Zhiqiang: “The US movement is a reflection of their Cold War mentality. Americans want to divide and provoke confrontation. Such an approach will not be supported and is doomed to failure.”

More countries?

The Chinese can not przejmowaæ ± ± the decision of Americans. Worse for them, if the boycott Attach ± ​​cz ± representatives of other countries. ± it is considering the British, Canadians, Australians and Japanese. New Zealand has already announced that it will not sends diplomats to Beijing for the Games. – China ± know very well our position on human rights – he said Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand government ± du Grant Robertson.

The Canadian Foreign Office said Canada is “deeply concerned” by reports of human rights violations in China. “We have been informed of the US decision and will continue to discuss the matter with our partners and allies,” the Canadians said. At the moment, the only head of state that has accepted China’s invitation to the Olympics is the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) commented on the confusion: “The presence of state officials and diplomats is a purely political decision of every government which the IOC, as a politically neutral entity, fully respects.”

The boycott in the name of human rights

Human rights defenders have long called for a boycott of the Beijing Games in protest against human rights violations in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. In Xinjiang, the Uyghur Muslim minority is imprisoned in special labor camps. The problem is to affect over a million people who are forced to give up religion, culture and language. Uigurs who managed to flee China accuse the authorities in Beijing of murder, kidnapping, torture and forced sterilization.

Calls for a boycott of the Games have also intensified as a result of the recent history of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. The tennis player accused one of the dignitaries of the Communist Party of sexual assault. Authorities are trying to silence the case through censorship, and Shuai’s fate is still uncertain.

The American diplomatic boycott was welcomed by human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch called it “a key step in challenging the crimes of the Chinese government against humanity against Uighurs and other communities.”

President Joe Biden okre¶li³ China as the greatest geopolitical challenge for the United States in the twenty-first century. At the same time they are seeking your cooperation with the Chinese on global issues, such as eg. Climate protection. Washington’s reaction to the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing say clearly contrasts with the US to podej¶ciem Summer Games in Beijing, which were held 13 years ago. Then were strong protests against the Olympic in connection with related ± prze¶ladowaniem inhabitants of Tibet. Despite this, the then President George W. Bush took ± ³ part in the opening ceremony of the Games.

The Winter Games in Beijing will run from February 4-20, 2022.

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