The week begins with the surprise of rates for the second time since the beginning of the year in China …

Incredibly, it did not help to go very far from Japan to smell the scent of history, that terrible debt deflation that many deny, reject as the main secular trend.

After entire economic massacres due to medical lockdowns, yesterday the news of an entire region under production lockdown, an entire region of China was forced to close due to lack of power, overwhelmed by bad weather.

The move by the Chinese central bank suggests great concern over the oncoming deflationary bomb, in a desperate attempt to revive the dying Chinese economy!

But we are in the midst of a debt explosion and as always it will not work, because in China we are now at the first step of debt deflation …

We are witnessing the collapse of domestic demand in China, these are depressing numbers for an economy like the Chinese one!

Sales have fallen 0.2% since the beginning of the year, much worse than the disappointing 0.3% increase recorded last month.

Only the foolish and indebted American consumer has remained to support the world economy with debt consumption, while Europe is in agony and awaits a hot autumn.

The key reports in the US are released this week for the month of August: housing startups, industrial production, retail sales, and existing home sales.

Yesterday’s US manufacturing district of New York suffered its worst meltdown since the pandemic year of 2020, reaching its second lowest level in history.


Furthermore, the confidence of home builders has naturally collapsed, in the midst of the collapse of the American real estate market that has just begun…

Speculation on timber prices has been the most colossal scam ever in recent years, but sooner or later it will all end in a bloodbath.


In the meantime, the slowdown in China and the possible agreement with Iran cause oil to drop below 80 dollars.

A global recession has just begun, it will be evident in the coming months!

Meanwhile, according to the latest official data, ICTs show us how US government bonds have been bought in 7 of the last 8 months and 11 of the last 13, even though China has downloaded its bonds for the 7th consecutive month – the period longest sale ever recorded – lowest level since June 2010 as reported by Zero Hedge …

… And the world doesn’t seem to have ended or the dollar has gone extinct!

Enjoy the last spasms of this Ferragostano rally that we have widely announced, the party is about to end, it will be a long winter.

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The manuscripts from the beginning of the year have been a perfect compass after a period of crisis, but as always the truth is the child of time.

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