China: “The US changes course on Taiwan or the confrontation will turn into conflict. It is likely to have devastating consequences”

“If the Use They do not change route towards the Chinathe comparison will become conflict”. The Foreign Minister of Beijing, Wang Yireignites tensions with the United States by speaking in Mandarin at aAsia Societyin New York, returning to the question Taiwan. Recalling that the policy of the “Only China” is the base on which the relations between both superpowers, Wang Yi stressed that “the Taiwan issue is increasingly becoming the greatest danger.” And “if not managed well, it is very likely to provoke devastating consequences “. As explained by sources from the US State Department, the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken made it clear to Wang Yi, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, that the maintenance of the peace and of stability in the Taiwan Strait is of vital.

The Chinese foreign minister underlined in his speech – entitled ‘The right way for China and the United States to get along in the new era’ – that “the recent proposal of the Taiwan Policy Act 2022 challenge to the foundations stability” relations and “if the United States does not change course towards China, the confrontation will inevitably become conflict”. In a long speech, in which he hoped for a lasting collaboration, Wang Yi however asked “how will the United States honor its important declaration of not supporting ‘Taiwan independence’ when, despite the strong opposition of China, have allowed the Speaker of the House to visit Taiwan again after 25 years, ”he said, resurfacing the visit Nancy Pelosi on the island, “continuing to strengthen the substantial relationships with Taiwan through repeated official exchanges And arms sales including many offensive weapons “.

“Partner or rival? Cooperation or comparison? These are questions of fundamental importance in China-US relations and they could not be committed catastrophic errors. To maintain the bottom line of peace, we must make the right choice – added Wang Yi, recalling the different bilateral Xi-Biden – I want to tell you clearly that China chooses peace and strives for one peaceful development. Our most fundamental expectation for relations between China and the United States is that the two countries live with each other in peace ”. A “Infallible truth” is that “we can both gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation,” he said again. “There cooperation is our best choice – continued Wang Yi – Undeniably, China and the United States have competition in areas such as the economy and the business and China is not afraid of such competition ”.

However, “we disagree that China-US relations should simply be defined by competition, because this is not the totality or the mainstream of this relationship. At the same time, the competition should have gods limits and, above all, to be fair play. It should be conducted in accordance with widely recognized rules and not be obsessed from compromising the development capacity of others and deny them their legitimate rights and interests. We need one healthy competition that brings out the best in each other, not one fierce competition aiming at each other’s death ”. For this reason, concluding his speech, he said that “our hope is that China and the United States will draw on past experience to find inspiration for the present and gain strength to move forward. Together, let’s explore a path to a China-US relationship for the new era and let’s create a better future for both of our countries “.

Ties between Washington and Beijing have been particularly turbulent since the controversial trip to Taipei (2-3 August) of the speaker of the House: the Chinese government has considered the move provocative and used it to justify one military presence around the unprecedented island. Since then, different delegations Congressmen visited Taiwan in the wake of Pelosi, with the aim of strengthening ties and expressing solidarity. Last week, the Foreign Commission of the Senate passed the Taiwan Policy Act 2022, a law on increased military support to the island, part of the first major overhaul of Washington’s approach to the island since the ‘One China’ policy was adopted in 1979. In addition to the possibility of giving weapons for nearly 7 billion with accelerated proceduresthe measure, which must be voted on by the plenary, assigns the status of “main non-born ally” to the island.

Wang Yi criticized Taipei’s request for participation as it were member of the UN, being “the Chinese government is the only one that can legally represent China. Taiwan should not be allowed to join international organizations that would validate that it is a country, ”she added. The United States “should be on the right side of history,” the foreign minister continued, criticizing Washington for encouraging its allies to form “Small circles” that “Islander” and “exclude” China, as per the alliance of microprocessors with South Korea, Japan And Taiwan known as “Chip 4”.

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