China to isolate the region of 600 thousand people, after new cases of


Health authorities in China have announced that at least 600 thousand people have been isolated, in the county of Jia, Henan, bordering Hubei province, after the region’s record of new cases of the infection coronaviruses Sars-CoV-2).

According to local media, no one can travel out of the county without the required permit. The chinese residents in the area will be able to leave the house for work by special permission. In addition to this, you will need to measure the temperature of a body, and wear a mask when you move around.

As revealed by the newspaper, the South China Morning Post, as a guard against the possibility of a “wave back” from the virus, which has already resulted in the death of 3.309 people. The isolation of the area, all the businesses were closed, except for the ones that produce the materials and health products are essential. Grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, gasoline, will be re-opened.

The dreaded return of the circulation of the new coronavirus in chinese territory is bound in the presence of asymptomatic cases, or those that are infected by the covid-19, but it did not show the typical symptoms of the disease.

Last Saturday (the 28th), in the province of Henan, has reported a confirmed case in the city of Luohe. The local authorities said that the infected person has come in contact with the two doctors in the county, Conducting, later gave a positive test for the virus, although it does not present any symptoms at all.

This is more of an effort to slow the advance of the virus in China. Last Thursday (the 26th), the government had already announced the temporary closure of the borders to foreign nationals, even those of you who have seen the house or in the country.

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