Chinese electric cars: boom in Europe

We know that the car market in Europe has been experiencing a situation of profound crisis for two years now. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, with the consequent lockdown, the numbers of registrations have plummeted, only to recover slowly in recent months. But that’s still not enough.

In fact, the month of August was characterized by a good number of sales, after a long and very negative period. Jato Dynamics has – as usual – processed the data, which they communicate volume growth of 3.5% compared to 2021, with 739,037 cars sold in all. However, this is not enough to improve the general situation, since the volume has continued to decline since the beginning of the year.

A general situation that for the moment still remains very difficult, even if the sector is learning to manage the shortage of components and systems necessary for the production of new cars. This means that the very long waiting lists for those who have bought a new vehicle (deliveries are months late) are finally destined to shorten. In the coming months, the situation should gradually recover, but in the meantime many motorists in Europe they are “satisfied” with the second-hand market: the numbers are growing and – with them – also the prices.

Chinese electric cars: increasing in Europe

The registrations of petrol cars increased (422,695 units, with a growth of 6%), while as regards the electrified models we see a + 3.2%, with 157,075 registrations. The volume of 100% electric cars increases by 11%, and today represents 61% of the total demand for zero-emission vehicles. A very interesting fact, which makes us reflect, is that 20% of all BEVs that were sold in Europe in August came from China, the second country for the production of electric cars, after Germany. In fact, it must be said that on the Chinese market the production of BEVs in August saw an increase of 78% in Europe of only 17%.

Chinese electric cars: causes and consequences

Jato Dynamics analysis and data processing shows that the growth in sales of Chinese electric cars in Europe indicates how these cars are sure to play. a fundamental role in the global market. However, it is important to point out that most of the vehicles coming from China are not produced by Chinese manufacturers: almost half are Tesla, which has production sites on the Asian continent, and the total number of electric cars sold in Europe and produced in China also contributed the Dacia Spring. In fact, only 18% of the electric made in China and registered in Europe last August are really of a Chinese brand.

About Tesla and Dacia Spring

Tesla Model Y (from around 50,000 euros) is the electric car with the highest number of sales in Europe in August, with a brilliant + 98%, it almost doubled the number of registrations. In the Top Ten of the best sellers there are Volkswagen ID.4, Skoda ENYAQ, Nuova Fiat 500, Dacia Spring. Volkswagen ID.3, Tesla Model 3, Cupra Born, Peugeot e-208, Hyundai Kona EV follow.

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