Chiquis Rivera Is Exposed in Lace and Strips When Leaving the Bathroom

It is unleashed! In an otherwise flirty and daring pose the singer, Chiquis Rivera armed the revolution with a shower of flattering and very passionate comments

The beautiful band singer has caused a stir through her social networks by sharing a postcard in which she displays that exuberant beauty that makes everyone restless.

With a lot of styles and abusing the great body that he has, Chiqus Rivera decided to give his fans an unforgettable moment when leaving the bathroom, in which he shows off by showing lace and strips that attract the attention of anyone.

Coming out of the bathroom and with the towel on her head, the businesswoman also captured glances and unleashed a revolution by exposing without hesitation those imposing curves that leave more than one stunned and wanting to see more.

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Undoubtedly, the moment in which Chiquis shows off her charm from the bathroom and underwear made everyone sweat and they quickly sent her a large number of comments and compliments, among which the most intense and passionate standout.

It is well known by all that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter is one of the most beautiful and daring when it comes to showing off her curvy figure. You can tell that he trusts everything he has and how to expose it to make him fall in love.

With this photograph in which she wears white, strappy, and lace lingerie, she caused a great uproar, since she managed to dazzle by giving a more seductive touch to the intantantena by putting a black and white filter, which highlights all its charm.

The images and videos that Lorenzo Méndez’s ex shares are always haunted by users since they publicize unforgettable moments for all in which the great protagonist is her enviable beauty.

Despite not having a figure with perfect measurements, it does not allow itself to be overshadowed and its voluptuous wholesale charm highlights. You can see the security and confidence that you have. In recent days she has been unleashed, giving away postcards that will melt anyone.

The imposing beauty of the interpreter of the hit ‘Overtime’ unleashed the madness and caused her fans to be inspired and wrote her more loving messages, which I can already read next to the publication that her fan club made.    


Oh how beautiful.


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