Chiquis Rivera Melts With a Sexy Pose Outside the Elevator

Chiquis Rivera simultaneously promotes Me vale y Destrampadas, this last song with Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa

Mexico. Chiquis Rivera, a singer originally from Los Angeles, California, United States, and who in recent days made public that he leaves social networks temporarily, always gives something to talk about and apparently has already taken them up, since in one of his new publications he now poses very sexy, outside an elevator.

Chiquis Rivera, who is currently promoting the song Me vale al style cumbia, a success of the Mexican group Maná, and also Destrampadas, along with Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa, is flirtatious with a casual outfit and in the image, she places on Instagram shows part of your abdomen.

Chiquis is a lover of good dress and has clothes for all occasions, it is also characterized by always looking sensual and this time it is no exception as evidenced by the image in which it appears full body and with which it announces that it is going on a trip time to celebrate the end of the year 2020.

Beautiful “,” all that is mine “and” divine “are some of the comments that her fans immediately express to Chiquis, who have no pleasure in seeing her always so optimistic, beautiful and exuding sensuality in each image she places on her social networks.

In recent weeks there has been much talk about the divorce of Chiquis, daughter of the late Jenni Rivera, and Lorenzo Méndez, former vocalist of La Original banda el Limón, and it has also transpired that apparently, he wants her to pay the expenses derived from the process legal that both go through.

Although both singers were seen together a few days ago in El Paso Texas, and there was talk of a possible reconciliation, apparently this will not come and the divorce process continues its course, and indifferent news portals it was commented that Lorenzo did he will be responsible for paying the graduates to separate them, according to what he himself stated.

Méndez publicly declared that he loves Chiquis very much and they are in constant communication, however, she also made public that there was not the slightest possibility that they would settle their differences and continue with their life in marriage.

Everything is fine, that’s the way things are, everything with love, blessed God nothing ever happened too hard and that cannot be fixed, “Lorenzó said to the program” Despierta América. “

Chiquis is never quiet musically speaking and is just releasing the song Destrampadas, a collaboration that she does with fellow singers Ely Quintero and Helen Ochoa and whose video has been well received by fans of the three beauties.

We are here !! And here we are, where are the untraps? “, Chiquis shares in a video that she posted on Instagram and received thousands of comments from fans and artists such as Ana Bárbara, Jack Ketsoyan, Sarahi, Rony Mercedes and her dear friend Helen Ochoa.

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