Chiquis Rivera Throws Claw in a Leopard Look Close to Her Curves

With a lot of styles and abusing her imposing figure, the eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera delights the eyes in a sweeping, striking and daring look

The beautiful exponent of regional Mexican music has caused a stir through social networks by sharing a photograph in the strip claw to show off her beauty in a look that is daring, casual, and seductive, as it reveals a pronounced figure that makes you fall surrendered to so much beauty.

Chiquis Rivera is one of the most coveted celebrities in the world of social networks, each one who appears manages to become the favorite by showing off a body of impact that drives anyone crazy.

It is noted that the beautiful singer fully trusts the result of her exercises and beauty tricks, which this time we’re in the sight of all while showing off a tight leopard skirt and a tied white top, unleashing inspiration from locals and strangers…

The interpreter of the success ‘Anímate y verás’ knows perfectly what she has and how to show off, melting the looks and conquering the hearts of all those who circulate through her official Instagram account, where she is saturated with unforgettable and risky images.

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Just a few weeks ago, the businesswoman also caused a stir by sharing with everyone the launch of a beauty product that helps eliminate cellulite, creating an uproar among viewers.

Although she was harshly criticized for the way she promoted it, the famous one does not take her finger off the line and continues to share beauty and health tips to look as spectacular as she is.

Let us remember that a few days ago a bomb exploded within the Rivera dynasty due to the supposed millionaire inheritance of Jenni Rivera, where Chiquis has only allowed to see some messages through his social networks that unleashed speculation, so it is expected that he will soon be giving more to talk about.

It is said that La Diva de la Banda removed her from her will a few days before her death, and over time Lorenzo Méndez’s ex has proven to be a hard-working woman who has followed her mother’s legacy.

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Even with all that, his brothers gave him part of his share of the money that the singer left them, so their interests are also at the center of the controversy.     

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