Chiquis Rivera Was Santa’s Sexy Helper This Year

Singer Chiquis Rivera became one of Santa’s beautiful helpers this Christmas looking like an Elf

United States.- Singer Chiquis Rivera showed a great Christmas spirit this year because through her profile on Instagram she shared the sensational makeup she used for these December dates, showing that she became one of the most beautiful Santa helpers in Christmas.

With a photograph and some short videos in Boomerang format from Instagram, the Mexican regional music interpreter conquered her fans by showing the incredible makeup that she used during these December dates and, although Christmas is over, it is never too late to relive this special celebration.

The 35-year-old singer was the center of attention by showing the sexiest version of a Christmas Elf, wearing tight-fitting checkered pajamas in red and black colors, as well as a large Christmas hat, brown hair, and dreamy makeup. was based on the theme of Santa’s helpers to bring his beautiful eyes to life.

She said to herself: “Santa’s helper”, leaving her fans in love once more and managing to receive several compliments and positive comments about her taste for these dates, her impeccable style, and how animated she has been despite all the legal problems and sentimental ones that you have had to deal with recently.

Chiquis not only highlighted her eyes with shadows in white, red and green with drawings, but she also used some latex Duende ears and a prosthetic for the nose that pretended to be the most upturned. Her cheeks were embellished with bright pink and freckles, while her lips were tinted fuchsia pink.

Chiquis Rivera was Santa’s sexy helper this year

During these December dates, Chiquis showed her millions of followers that the Christmas spirit is always part of her life and without a doubt, it is one of her favorite times of the year, because we could even see her in an elegant outfit wearing a Santa hat and posing together to his sisters Jenica and Jacquie Rivera.

The winner of a Latin Grammy award for her album “Playlist” this 2020 posed next to her two beautiful younger sisters while wearing a fitted dress in black and long sleeves showing a spectacular figure, as well as a red and white hat and a long chain that gave the touch of fashion to her incredible outfit.

Jenica Rivera, for her part, decided to use a looser dress with short sleeves and decorated with a loose bottom part and accompanied by a military green silk headdress, looking very beautiful. This young woman is the youngest daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera and has become a true beauty influencer on social media in recent months.

Jacquie Rivera, on the other hand, opted for a shorter dress with three-quarter sleeves, showing off a sophisticated neckline and a red headdress, managing together to form the color of the flag of Mexico, as they have always felt very happy to honor his Mexican ancestry despite being born in the United States like his mother and uncles.

Jenicka, Chiquis and Jacquie Rivera, the daughters of the Diva de la Banda

The makeup of the three was very similar, since they used soft colors for their eyes, very well drawn eyebrows, and lipsticks in bright red tones. Without a doubt, Jenni Rivera’s daughters looked very beautiful in black outfits that left everyone speechless.

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