Chiquis Rivera’s New Heartthrob Takes Her on the Beach and Shows off Her

The singer, Chiquis Rivera finally released the yoke of Lorenzo Méndez and decided to shout from the rooftops her romance with the renowned photographer, Emilio Sánchez

The beautiful Mexican regional music singer has caused a stir through her social networks by sharing with everyone a photograph in which she looks well accompanied by her new love.

Apparently, Chiquis Rivera has already completely overcome the separation and divorce of the former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón, Lorenzo Méndez, with whom she was married for almost two years.

Today the famous woman is single and enjoying life, but this photo she shared through her Instagram stories confirms the rumor that she already has a new beau.

It is about Emilio Sánchez, a photographer for some artists, especially a friend of Becky G, who is a close confidant of Chiquis Rivera. His new beau was the first to share the images he captured on Mexican beaches next to his new conquest.    

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Undoubtedly, photography has caused a great uproar on social networks, many are those who were surprised to see how Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter pastries the image that Emilio Sánchez shared, hence the madness among her fans. 

The exponent of the band seems to be ready to live again a loving relationship as a couple. It is noted that her closest relatives such as her sister Jenica and her brother Jhonny are the happiest to see her in love again.    

It is widely said that these two Chiquis brothers had a conflict with Lorenzo Méndez, who dedicated himself entirely to caring for and being by the side of the businesswoman, and although nothing was confirmed, their lives took different directions.

It is worth mentioning that time repairs everything, and while Chiquis healed the wounds unleashed in a single life and splendidly showing off her beauty, today her heart is already busy and ready for a romance that will undoubtedly put her in the eye of the hurricane.

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Her fans at heart unconditionally support the decision of the singer of the hit ‘Overtime’. Again she forms a couple, so many send her good wishes and hope that Emilio is the one, that he values, protects, and makes her happy since she is one of the most loved by the netizen public.    

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