Chiquis Rivera’s Pants Are Lowered and Lace Thread Is Obvious

Exposing her imposing curvy figure in the foreground, the beautiful singer, Chiquis Rivera shows how daring she can be when she sets out to do so

Chiquis Rivera raises the temperature by sharing with all her fans a photograph that undoubtedly steals the breath, revealing the lace thread that covers her charm, while she lowers her pants to seduce glances.

It is well known by all that the exponent of the band is one of the most besieged celebrities in the world of social networks and when she exposes her beauty she manages to become the sensation of the moment.

This magnificent postcard won the golden palms and the glances of all those who circulate on the Internet when posing with the pants down and exposing the tiny black lace that covers her curves and accelerates the heart.

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Undoubtedly the beauty that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter possesses is one of the most besieged in the show, and she knows how to show off that curvy figure that makes everyone restless since she has a unique style to show herself to everyone.

Showing off her great body in a fishnet top, boots, and with her pants down, she unleashed passions and that is because with that cap she gave a very special touch to the fantastic snapshot.

With this photograph, the exponent of the band leaves more of her beauty in view of everyone and alerts her followers, who melt with those voluptuous charms that she lets see, but now that flirty lace is the favorite.

Reactions continue to accumulate in the publication, there are many who delight the pupil when observing the majestic curves that the interpreter of the hit ‘Cheer up and you will see’ possesses.

She is the owner of a pronounced figure that she exhibits with confidence, without hesitation, and without any pain, revealing that she is a full, empowered woman with a lot of confidence in the body she possesses.

He knows perfectly how to take advantage of it and expose it in the foreground so that from there passion is unleashed among his loyal fans, who are on the lookout for everything he shares.

Chiquis Rivera is one of the singers of Regional Mexicano who has caused the most controversy in the medium. With his style, talent, and personality he always manages to impose, but in a matter of fashion, he knows how to highlight his great body that with these snapshots he highlighted.

Once again, she put herself in the spotlight by showing off without shame and showing that tiny garment that reveals those leafy and striking hips of infarction that put her in the eye of the hurricane.   


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