Chivas Femenil Defeats Monterrey to Remain Undefeated in AP23

An unstoppable herd. In the single combat of the undefeated team, Chivas Women’s won 1-0 Monterey Score at Akron Stadium: Ruby Soto 1st time.

Both teams started the match with neutralized attacking moves, but a mistake in the 17th minute threatened to change the score. when he tried to clear the ball Alejandra Calderon It meant crashing the ball into a rival player, which qualified Adriana Iturbide. The number was about to take a shot, but before that Rebecca Bernal covered the ball and appeared to hide the danger.

It took the 34th minute for the locals to break through the wall built by the Nuevo Leon team. Daniela Delgado He sent a cross from the right flank into the center of the area, which seemed to have been cut by Mariana Cadena. but, Ruby Soto She managed to contact the ball ahead of a rival defender and send it behind the goal.

Chivas vs Rayadas

In the second division, Guadalajara were knocking on the door again, looking to double their advantage.Less than a minute into the second half Alice Cervantes He took advantage of Calderón’s mistake and went straight to the solo goal. The Mexican forward held hands with the goalkeeper and fired a shot that was stopped by Pamela Tajonar.

Sea bass confronting Rayada

Shortly afterwards, the Floch captain missed another chance to improve his score. Carolina Jaramillo Enabled on filtered paths Richa Cervantes Return to hand in hand against the Rayada archers. However, team jersey number 24 decided a shot to pierce the right side of the goal.

Chivas Femenil remains undefeated

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