Chivas Regal: Canelo Angulo wants to return to Vidvalle

Mexican Football League

Chivas Regal is preparing for the 2024 Spring League. In the meantime, they claim the former Chivas wants to pull on the Rojiblanco jersey again.

Angulo wants to return to Chivas Regal.
© Fabian MesaAngulo wants to return to Chivas Regal.

Chivas Prepare to see action again the next day Mexican League vs. Tigres in Fall 2024. On the other hand, the market is still open and they claim that a former Rebaño Sagrado player wants to return to Verde Valle after an abnormal 2023 Apertura campaign with his team.

exist Guadalajara Enthusiasm for the upcoming return is high Javier Hernandez, he announced that he would sign the contract next week. Apart from, Fernando Gago Already started with Cade CowellIt debuted last Monday, so all fans are excited about this team.

On the other hand, in the transfer market, they claim that a former player of the San Rams wants to pull on Rojiblanco’s jersey again. According to Jesús Hernández, Jesús Canelo Angulo is currently active in Toluca.

“Canelito Angulo has found his way to the board. He has been looking for a way to leave (Toluca) and come back again. “El Canelito offers reinforcements for Chivas,” A well-known journalist who reported on the matter said Guadalajara. We cannot forget that the midfielder arrived as a bargaining chip for the team. Victor Guzman.

Angulo seeks a return to Chivas Regal.

On the other hand, the data for the entire midfield Apertura 2023 leaves a lot to be desired, as it clocks in only 933 total minutes out of 1,573, scoring three goals and three assists. There is no doubt that such a player has no place in the first team. Would you hire him?

Alexis Vega heads to Toluca

Finally, it was announced yesterday that Toluca will maintain the record held by Alexis Vega in the 2024 Clausura. The Rojiblanco footballer will see his salary reduced by 50% and join the Scarlet team after Guadalajara received $1.5 million in exchange for tokens.

What’s next for Chivas Regal in the 2024 autumn season?

After playing against Santos Laguna, Chivas return to Liga MX next Sunday against Tigres. The game will take place in Nuevo Leon Volcano in central Mexico at 6:00 pm.

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