Chlöe Bailey talks about Beyoncé: “she showed me another kind of beauty”

The singer Chloe Baileyof the duoChloe x Halley, is on the cover of Allure magazine. By the way, she did a never-before-seen and beautiful photo shoot. Speaking of beauty, she said that she had Beyonce as your inspiration. After all, it was the singer (and her mentor) who showed her a different kind of beauty than she used to.

Photo: Allure / Micaiah Carter

Chlöe Bailey talked about her beauty reference:

The first woman I saw valuing her body was Beyoncé. I heard the song ‘Bootylicious’ and saw the performance at the BET Awards, so it made me feel calm about my body. There’s also Jill Scott. She showed me another beautiful, voluminous, big, sexy, curvy woman. And I was like this is sexy”, she commented.

Nowadays, Chloe Bailey managed to conquer the dreamed and talked about body positivity.

“It was complicated. I’ve always had thick thighs and butt. But I was growing up in a time when if someone on television told you you had a big ass, it was an insult. So I was a little ashamed of my curves. I tried to hide them. It took a long, long time. Now my favorite thing about my body is my ass,” she mused.

What fans want to know, primarily, is her first solo album. Does she have any news? She does! According to her, the album was a way to get over a bad moment.

Music saved me. I was in a bad place where I felt lost, like I had no idea who I was. At first you can say that [a pessoa] who is singing is like a bird with broken wings. As time passes, you can hear me finding my strength and confidence. I didn’t want to miss this story while putting the songs together”, revealed.

Looks like good things are coming!

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