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IN THE WORLD OF MUSICAL the restart came last December with ‘Pretty Woman’, a production inspired by the blockbuster film by Garry Marshall with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and directed at the National Theater in Milan, as in the American theatrical version, by Caroline Brouwer. “With 85 thousand spectators in just over three months it was the best-selling show last year” explains Matteo Forte, managing director of Stage Entertainment Italy, the national branch of the Dutch theater giant. “The 75 performances on the bill, in fact, make over 1,100 admissions per show. All in the midst of the winter pandemic emergencies and therefore with a very complicated situation, given that the surge in infections at the end of the year has certainly had an impact. Sales have decreased. , but by then the show paid off and started generating profits. ” A successful bet. “The show cost 1 million and 700 thousand euros – 600 thousand euros of set-up, 300 thousand of marketing, and about 800 thousand of out-of-pocket costs – it has collected almost 4”. What are the conditions of the musical in Italy? “As Stage Entertainment we started producing them in 2008 with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and set-up costs six to seven times higher than ‘Pretty woman’. For the first three years we stayed at that level. investment with balance sheets in the red because the Italian market is not in a position to absorb financial commitments much higher than those of Pretty Woman. This is due to the difficulty of raising the ticket price beyond 40-45 euros net “. So what is the future of the sector? “Do not increase investments, but make wise choices, focusing on shows that the public wants to see. We commission two market surveys a year to test directly with the public the titles we have available. They are the ones who guide us in the decision. .. .

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