Chris Brown gives raunchy response to critics, says she won’t bear his child

Earlier this week, Chris Brown posted some sweet family photos with his children and their mother on social media. “The best part about me is my kids (heart emoji),” I captioned the healthy picture. Unfortunately, some users weren’t too interested in the performer’s family dynamics and took to his comments section to tell him so.

“Beautiful,” one reviewer wrote, “but I don’t want a man with multiple baby mamas.” This prompted a very curt response from Brown, who let her know he wasn’t watching. “Who said I’m hiring ladies?” he asked, along with a series of laughing emojis. “You talk like you have a chance.” Now, another user has received yet another shady response from the R&B mainstay, who claims she has an advantage over the mother of her child.

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“No I don’t want to be another baby mama and yes Kris I’m prettier than both of your baby mamas so I have a chance not to be that way,” the bold commenter wrote. Brown quickly fired back , making it clear that he disagreed. Although he seemed to be able to ignore the previous comments from netizens, this time he did not hesitate. “I’m so ugly!” he said. “Stop it. If I see you, I’ll see right through you. So put a muzzle on it ‘Beautiful.'” He didn’t stop there, however.

Brown went on to tell the woman that he “wouldn’t have gotten (her) pregnant under any circumstances,” among other offensive comments, and went to “the pharmacy to refill her medication.” What do you think of Chris Brown’s reaction to a fan claiming she doesn’t want to have his child? Did he cross a line, or was his reaction justified?Share your thoughts in the comments section below and follow HNH Learn more updates.

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