Chris Brown’s album “BREEZY” will be released in June. What do we know so far? Look:

June’s Birthday Team Breezy will win a featuring from the idol! That’s because, Chris Brown released the month of release of his tenth solo album, titled “BREEZY”. We created a timeline to show the trajectory so far.

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After the great success of the double album ‘Indigo‘, fans are looking forward to a new project. ‘Indigo‘ marked Chris Brown’s third #1 album in the US and first in seven years after ‘fortune‘ from 2012.

Chris never fails to deliver his unique and distinctive sound. Over the years, he has consistently graced his fans with his eclectic array of music. Here’s everything we know about the new album.

What is the title of Chris Brown’s new album?

In May 2020, Chris Brown and Young Thug released the mixtape ‘slime&b‘, weeks later the ‘buzz’ began about a solo album. Fans joked about the existence of the ‘Royalty’ album (Chris Brown’s eldest daughter) and suggested the name of the second child as a reference, Aeko.

So he took to Instagram and asked what he should call his tenth album, but nothing decided.

At the time, Brazilian singer Naldo Benny was on the internet after a meme went viral, that’s when he released a response song titled “Breezy”, Chris Brown liked the post on Instagram and published a scene from Naldo Benny’s music video where the name BREEZY appeared very big on the screen, days later, it was revealed that the name of the next album would be BREEZY, nickname of Chris. The theory became an internal joke for Brazilian fans.

When will the album be released?

Although the idea for the album came about in 2020, Chris had not said anything about dates and releases, it was up to fans to suggest the year 2021, for lack of his denial, that was the official year.

Starting the year (2021), nothing about the BREEZY album has been released. But in June, Chris stated: “I won’t release any albums until I’m done, need to give y’all a chance if you miss me”. That’s because he was keeping us participating in various feats, such as: “provide“, “Rolls Royce Umbrella“, “Guilty“, “Feels“, “Baby“, “Come Through“, “Track Star REMIX“, “Rain Down“, “baddest“, “angles“, “Woo Baby“, “New Again“, “Nostalgic“, “Check For Me“, “Gyalis REMIX“, “Do I Ever“, “Get Back” and “Goodbye

For 2022, Chris has announced a collaborative tour with Lil Baby, titled “One of Them Ones” and it was theorized that the full album would come out between May and June after the concerts were announced (July to August).

Said and done, Chris took to his Instagram to inform that the release will be in June 2022.

What are the songs released from the Breezy album?

In December 2021, Chris took to his Instagram to start the It was BREEZYhe stated that releases would begin in January 2022.

On January 14th, he releases the first single betting on something more ‘bubbly’ and viral, with the right to a challenge. The cinematic music video brought a Transformers to compete in the steps.

We made a tutorial for those who want to learn:

There was a lot of criticism over the first song, as Chris Brown’s proposal was to release truly R&B music, so on April 1st, it came into the world, “WE (Warm Embrace)”, warming the hearts of the most romantic.

Film, TV and Music producer Derrick Beck has made it clear that there is a music video for the song, or at least the idea of ​​releasing it. After sharing the song’s radio position, Derrick commented, “When the video comes out we will change the song position!”

How many songs?

Many fans question the amount of songs that Chris Brown releases on the albums, and he has already released 2 double albums, also counting, extended versions, namely: HOAFM (2017) and Indigo (2019).

But in December 2020, Chris Brown gave a little scare to those fans who don’t like long albums, he posted an idea of ​​organization, having A side and B side.

This information left some people fervent on social media, as many think that filling a record with songs can waste the potential of the songs and diminish the experience for not having time to calmly appreciate it. In January 2021, he decided to say that he will be inspired by his self-titled debut album, ‘Chris Brown‘ with just 18 songs.

And even then, the other side of Team Breezy didn’t like the small amount of songs, which made Chris Brown complain on social media:

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