Chris Christie drops out of Republican primary to avoid splitting votes for Trump International

Chris Christie has thrown in the towel. The only candidate in the Republican primary to be openly hostile to Donald Trump was to drop out of the campaign just days before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. The fight was simplified, which hurt Trump even though the former president held a solid advantage. “I am suspending my campaign for President of the United States,” Christie told an audience in New Hampshire. He defended himself by saying that he believed the fact that Trump would never be president again was more important to him than his personal ambitions.

The former New Jersey governor never really had a chance to become a candidate for the nomination. From the beginning, he went against the trend of the majority in his party and devoted himself to the former president. He criticized him every chance he got. He was the only one at the debate who was more willing to attack Trump, the absent poll leader, than the other candidates. Christie, who was a close adviser to Trump during the 2066 campaign, has become one of his staunchest critics.

However, his campaign ultimately divided the vote among voters who did not want Trump re-elected. Christie has been under intense pressure to quit and for the party’s anti-Trump vote to unite behind a single alternative. He has resisted. For example, he once explained that he did not want to recommend Nikki Haley because he feared he would look foolish if she later agreed to run with Trump as his vice presidential nominee, as he has always avoided excluding himself. this.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley immediately expressed her hope to win the support of the retired candidate: “Chris Christie has been a friend of mine for many years. I congratulate your campaign for being so close.” Voters have a clear choice in this election: the chaos and drama of the past, or a new generation of conservative leadership. I will work hard to win every vote so that together we can build a strong and proud America.” he wrote on social network X.

Christie’s withdrawal was a reversal of a stance he had taken the day before. “I would be happy to make way for someone who is truly opposed to Donald Trump,” he explained at the forum, but argued that none of his rivals had truly stepped up to do so. “I’m famous enough. I’ve got a lot of titles. The only reason to do it is to win,” he added. “So if someone is really against Donald Trump, I’ll gladly do whatever I can for someone. . “

“I have no interest in being a spoilsport for anyone who wants to defeat Donald Trump,” he said. “But if she would be his vice president, if she would pardon him if he became president, if she would vote for him even though he was a convicted felon… I mean, gosh, Really?” he said at a conference. Tuesday event in Rochester, New Hampshire.

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Regardless, Haley is the one best positioned to take advantage of Christie’s exit, especially in New Hampshire, where she may have a chance to overtake the former president in the primary. New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, one of those putting pressure on Christie, said last week: “He has an opportunity to come in and be a hero, to put Nikki on the top, to put her failures in the hands of Trump, Nicky’s “victory” in the state’s primary election on January 23rd.

Among them, Haley and Christie’s combined voting intentions exceeded Trump’s. If the only female candidate can attract a majority of the now-retired vote, she will have a unique opportunity to add some excitement before a battle that appears to be won by Trump begins. A CNN poll released Tuesday by the University of New Hampshire showed Trump leading the state’s likely Republican primary voters with 39 percent support, followed by Haley at 32 percent and Christie at 12 percent.

However, among the party’s total voters, Christie’s voting intention is only 3.6%. Also Wednesday, he was excluded from a head-to-head showdown between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis that pitted the party against Trump’s replacement.

Christie has repeatedly warned Republican voters not to nominate a candidate who has been indicted four times and is likely to lose badly in the November presidential election. The former New Jersey governor also believes Trump will lose when it comes to a tight race against likely Democratic nominee President Joe Biden because of all the votes he has mobilized against him.

Even so, the former governor himself doesn’t think his exit will help Haley defeat Trump in the primary, as some words that slipped into an unintentional open microphone on Wednesday seemed to reveal. In these letters he stated that he was not up to the task and that he would be wiped out. Regarding DeSantis, he is said to have spoken with DeSantis and was “shocked” by his retirement announcement.

The crowded Republican primary field, which started with more than a dozen contenders, has been streamlined before voting begins. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez withdrew after being excluded from the first debate, which saw eight candidates advance. Among them, former Vice President Mike Pence has officially retired; South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. In fact, Asa Hutchinson never counted, so Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ra Vivek Ramawamy was not counted, although the latter escaped the trouble to some extent.

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