Chris Cuomo fired from CNN with “immediate effect”. He defended and “whitewashed” brother Andrev Cuomo, who was accused of sexual harassment

After a few days of “suspension” CNN decided to fire its presenter Chris Cuomo, the brother of the former governor of New York State. The press office of the American broadcaster explains that it has to do with the journalist’s attempts to “whiten his brother” – Andrew Cuomo. The Democrat politician is accused of sexual harassment.

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“We asked a law firm to investigate the case and then we made the decision to resign from his services immediately, ”explained the CNN announcement. As we read, in the course of the investigation “more information was disclosed” against the journalist.

A sex scandal decided the future of a CNN employee

Documents released following an investigation commissioned by the New York State Assembly that yielded “overwhelming evidence” of sexual harassment of women by a former governor also found that Chris Cuomo advised his brother on how to get out of trouble, what CNN leadership found it incompatible with journalistic ethics.

– These documents, which we had not seen before, provoke very serious questions – the spokesman of the station said on Tuesday, pointing out that the journalist’s involvement in defending his brother was “wider than originally assumed”.

Chris Cuomo, 51, has never denied that he was trying to help his older brother. During the auditions in July he declared that he would do whatever his 64-year-old brother asked him to do.

Democratic politician and sexual harassment

A total of 11 women accuse him of having sexually harassed Cuomo the Elder over a decade. In October Andrew Cumo he was found guilty of sexual aggression against his former associate. The harassment occurred in December 2020. On November 22, the New York State Assembly announced the results of an investigation that contained “devastating evidence” of sexual harassment of women by the former governor. There were also other allegations. State Parliament Lower House Report New York blames Cuomo among others about using his subordinates to prepare his book on Covid-19 during office hours.

The president of CNN has been adamant for a long time

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The investigation into Chris Cuomo, the governor’s brother, is yet to be completed and will continue despite his dismissal, CNN management said.

In recent months, the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, has vouched for his employee. He adamantly supported Cuomo, saying that he was “human” and faced “very exceptional circumstances,” describes the New York Times. Until last month, the leader did not face any disciplinary consequences for his behind-the-scenes actions in defense of his compromised brother.

Chris Cuomo spokesman on new allegations

In recent days, well-known lawyer Debra S. Katz informed CNN about allegations of “sexual misconduct” against Chris Cuomu from one of her clients. The lawyer also represents one of the victims of the former governor.

The truth of the allegations is being challenged by a spokesman for a former CNN employee, Steve Goldberg, who said on Saturday in a statement: “These apparently anonymous allegations are not true.”

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