Chris Evans married, who are the women in his life?

Chris Evans has always been a very private actor when it comes to his private life. So much so that the announcement of his marriage (at age 42) to Alba Baptista must have surprised more than one because we bet that many had forgotten, or were unaware of his existence… But before Alba, which actresses shared the actor’s life? Oh yes, he always had a weakness for women who act.

Chris Evans: from Jessica to Alba, who were his ladies of the heart?

His most famous and publicized relationship until then was with Jessica Biel. They were a couple from 2001 to 2006, they were young (early twenties) and formed one of Hollywood’s promising “it couples”. And it was very serious between them since they talked about marriage and children. The actress said that for her 21st birthday, Chris had a nice surprise in store for her: “When I woke up, I found my bed covered in rose petals. By the middle of the night, he had scattered the petals of at least 24 roses of all colors everywhere.” They responded twice: in the thriller Cellularreleased in 2004 (with Kim Basinger and Jason Statham), then in London, two years later. They broke up shortly after this film’s release. Then, Chris had a series of relationships, or rather flirtations. In March 2007, Chris Evans was seen in a lip bar (…)

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