Chris Evans reveals the Captain America detail he just can’t stand

Very often we are used to thinking of actors and their most iconic roles as an absolutely homogeneous and harmonious whole, and it is difficult to imagine elements of poor compatibility or stumble in the relationship between an interpreter and a character who has entered the heart and the collective imagination. of the public.

Clearly this is a very automatic and even inevitable suggestion for what concerns the fans, but things are obviously not always like this and even the much loved actors do not fully appreciate all the prerogatives of the characterizations that have given them fame.

This is the case, for example, of Chris Evanswho recently talking about the costume of Captain America expressing not exactly flattering words about it and referring to when he does not like it by discussing it with the New Zealand director Taika Waititi for LADbibleas part of the promotion of animated films Lightyear – The true story of Buzz.

“I may be biased, but that’s not the truth – Evans said in response to those who think that Cap’s costume is the best ever – The costume fits him and works for Cap, but if we all consider the Avengers we have to be honest: it’s not the best. They are all better than mine! Whether it’s Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth or Tom Holland ….

The cinematic universe Marvel it wouldn’t have been the same without one of his most famous faces: Chris Evanssecond perhaps only to Robert Downey Jr. for charisma and recognition among the fans of the MCU, he took the franchise by the hand and carried it forward in three stand alone films on Captain America and four ensemble films by Avengersbefore goodbye after Endgame. However, for him this is not the first exit from the scene from Marvel: Evans had in fact already played another character, or the Human Torch.

Here is the video we were referring to.

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Photo: Marvel Studios

Source: LADbible TV

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