Chris Hemsworth, a childhood photo reveals the passion for the DC hero

Chris Hemsworth
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From Men in Black to Ghostbusterthe career of Chris Hemsworth it is full of roles comedy originals, even apart from that of Marvel’s God of Thunder, who in the hands of Taika Waititi exploded all his ironic charge and gigiona. No surprise then that she wanted to share one funny photo of himself childposted on twitter to celebrate his own thirty-ninth birthdaybut rather on the choice to show one in which his ancient passion for a DC hero like Batman.

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Self-deprecating as always, the MCU star jokes about his recent past, which has seen him survive the gods Infinity Saga and play the role of Thor for more than 10 years, in four films dedicated to him and four appearances in the crossovers of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A story that seems destined to continue, despite – as he writes – his own “I younger would be so disappointed”.

a little plunge into your own private that the Australian actor wanted to offer to the many fans who follow him, without major worries or scruples. As done on the occasion of the post dedicated to his daughter India Roseimmortalized on set with him and among the interpreters of the last Thor: Love and Thunder (like the twins Tristan and Sasha and Natalie Portman’s children, Christian Bale and Taika Waititi himself).

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